18 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 48 (or, What I Don't Like About The East Coast)

Picked up today in Lancaster, PA - a whopping 5 pallets. Turns out, it's product being shipped back to Butterball (sliced turkey, to be exact). After waiting a couple hours until the load was ready, I ended up having to wait another 1 1/2 hours before I could leave, due to a discrepancy on the paperwork, only to see that it was 1530 (ET), and that can only mean one thing: a traffic nightmare!

Heading back to York, PA, then down to the I-695 loop around Baltimore, MD wasn't that bad. Even I-95 to D.C. was fairly moderate. But once I got on I-495 (a.k.a. The Capital Beltway) and around the west side, was when traffic started getting a bit hairy... and once I got back on I-95, on the south end - FORGET IT! It was 20 miles to the weigh station/truck rest area and jacked up traffic. From where I started (in Lancaster) to that rest area was 152 miles, a stretch I could normally cover (just about anyplace else except D.C.) in about 2 1/2 hours, but because of their notoriously horrendous traffic, that stretch was nearly 4 hours long! I would much rather be in L.A. traffic than D.C. Anybody who has had to suffer through that ordeal will know EXACTLY what I mean (and water-boarding is illegal?!). Just dealing with that ate up a lot of my driving time.

If D.C. traffic is that bad - the epicenter of our government - then how do the politicians expect us to have trust in their leadership when they can't even arrange a more efficient system of the interstate network in their own back yard!

There... I feel better now... a little.

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Lauri Rottmayer said...

Was the turkey bad? I had someone in my twitter stream complaining that some deli had tried to sell him bad turkey!

Doug said...

I'm not quite sure... it may have gone past the expiration date, or it may have been the wrong product when initially shipped.