11 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 42

Today started at 0930, had a class for about an hour. After that class, a list was passed around to everyone for their lunch orders - except me... I was excluded because I was told that "something special" was set up for me. Halfway through the next class, another instructor pulled me out to which I was met by my fleet manager, the department head and the training department office manager. I then found out I was being taken to a Chinese buffet for lunch (a total nom!).

After lunch, we all went back and it was laid out what was expected of me as a trainer. It all finished off when they got my shirt and jacket sizes (yes, I get personalized shirts). My orientation actually concluded at 1500, but I didn't leave until 1830 as my truck was still in the shop. I finally got my truck, made my way home, and now, as I write this, watching NCIS, I'm winding down before bed. Now to enjoy a few days off.

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