27 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 57 (All's Well That Ends... With Starbucks)

Low productivity day, but it's all good... after all, it's the Sabbath. It's been a peaceful day. I may be here at our Little Rock yard until Monday, but I'll be able to get a few issues taken care of: new truck, reset my hours, sort out the new Qualcomm (as the old one needed a new brain - much like Paris Hilton & Lindsey Lohan).

I was able to relax and it was a nice day, though after I go home next weekend (and get my tooth fixed), I'll be ready to hit some good miles. I can tell how there have been many improvements since this division was started last year. There is still a long road ahead, but it's good that this company is always improving and moving forward, planning ahead for a future of progress and prosperity.

It's nice that I work for a company that I not only believe in, but also one that treats me with dignity and respect. Companies like that are few and far between - especially these days, when most trucking companies are more concerned with the bottom line than employee welfare. I'm treated well, and I'm not given demands that are unreasonable - what more could you want?

Besides Starbucks, that is.

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