23 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 53 (I Wish I Was In MA)

Peroxide: check

Aleve (liquid gels): check

Orajel (for severe toothache): check

Starbucks: check & mate!

I got some stuff to continue my battle against toothache pain, at least until I get home. Starbucks? Well, when you're at a Super Target (and haven't had coffee in 3 days), then that is a necessity for survival (my youngest son, when he was about 13, would say that about Jelly Belly's). Today I was able to eat food... not the stuff you would feed a baby once they've grown past the Gerber stage (such as mashed potatoes, PB & J sandwiches, and overcooked pasta) but real food (that is if Subway can be considered as "real", ever since the late 80's to early 90's, when they stopped slicing their own meats in favor or pre-sliced, pre-frozen, over processed dreck).

Tyson finally got me loaded and I left a little after midnight on Tuesday. The corporate powers have this brilliant idea when shipping their product, which I'll relay this in a simple way: if the delivery appointment is, say 1100 (ET) - as was mine - then the latest it can ship is midnight. Sounds great when you apply it to their computer software program that's used, but in reality, it's humans that are doing the driving. Is it me, or does it seem that whenever a person accepts a job in a corporate management level position, they seem to lose all faculties of common sense.

I made it as far as Cookeville, TN before I shut down, which was almost as far as I was legally permitted to go. Since Tyson can't get with the program, then I won't put mine, nor others', lives at risk.

I made it to Salisbury, NC (which I don't think this is the place of origin for the "Salisbury Steak"), with a temperature of 28°, when, just about an hour ago, it was in the mid to upper 40's. I guess winter is not ready to give it up yet, so I say: BRING IT ON!!

I would have much rather been heading up to Methuen, MA, because, a) it's Massachusetts, and, b) it's cooler weather. Methuen is located on the NW end of the I-495 loop, outside of Boston, and just a few short miles from the NH state line. Beautiful area, and, by the way, THE BEST place to go for New England Clam Chowder (yes, I've had some, but that was before I knew what kosher was.

My appointment has already been rescheduled for 1115 on Wednesday, and where I go from there... well, that will be the new adventure.

NOTE: This post had been done last night (Tuesday), but due to some fluke of BlogPress, not only did it not post, it didn't save either. My apologies for this delay!

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