13 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 44

This is my last day at home... tomorrow, back to work. Today, we did some moving around. My youngest son moved into the room vacated by my 18 year old, and the room my youngest vacated will soon become our t.v. room. That would have happened today except my wife and I realized that the cable connection would not reach into that room, so we will have to wait until the cable company comes out to make the appropriate modifications before we can complete the transition. The next time I come in will be a little busy... you know, emptying the entertainment center, partially disassembling it, etc., etc., etc.

Now our youngest is chillin' in his room, my wife is surfing the 'net, I'm sitting here watching Harry's Law, and blogging during the commercial breaks. I have to say, this show is pretty good, and Kathy Bates carries it quite well.


celticlover98 said...

You do know that if you like the show it's sure to be canceled!

Doug said...

Isn't that the way it usually goes?