22 October 2011

Day 294 (Nice Weather, Good Trip Ahead)

I made my delivery this morning in Columbus, OH without any problems, though I didn't mention much about the trip yesterday, as I opined on the "Occupy" movement, and how (in my opinion) it has - for the most part - become a fraud... and a distraction for something more diabolical that socialists (posing as Democrats and Republicans) within our government are force-feeding to us - complete with a candy coating.

The weather driving through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana (and soon to be back in Kentucky) has been pretty nice. This next load pick up in Robards, KY (Tyson) and deliver on Monday morning in Jefferson, WI. By going up that way I'm hoping to be in cooler weather again. This has been a lovely Sabbath, and the Torah cycle has begun anew in Genesis. I've also just recently begun a new program called Daily Dose Of Torah, which is a series of books that are mailed to me throughout the year, and give me little "nuggets" of insight - from the ancient and respected scholars such as Rashi and Rambam - on several different aspects in daily Torah study.

I hope you all have a pleasant and blessed day!

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