02 October 2011

Day 274 (What A Long And Productive Day)

James started driving this morning from Limon, CO (about 60-70 miles east of Denver), where we shut down last night. Driving up around the north eastern side if the Denver area, up to Cheyenne, WY (making a pitstop in Laramie), then west to Evanston for another quick break. Evanston, WY is just a few short miles from the Wyoming/Utah state line. When we left there I took over the driving duties, since I had just under 4 1/2 hours to drive, while james had 2 hours less than that.

I just finished fueling and parked about an hour ago (2105, to be exact) here in Jerome, ID, just about 4 miles north of Twin Falls. When we pulled in here I had only 4 minutes left. So you can see that we covered quite a bit of ground today; a grand total of 794. Which leaves only 635 to cover by 0900 (1100 CT) Wednesday morning. We are shutting down here to get our 34 hour re-start, then leave out Tuesday morning to finish this trip. Before I start heading back east too far, I'll have to stop in a grocery store to pick up some more Mocha Mix creamer (which is the absolute bomb - if you've had it before, you know exactly what I mean). The bad news is the truck cannot move for that full 34 hours... and the nearest Starbucks is 4 miles away (guess who may be going on a "walking tour" tomorrow).

At least this blog won't be posted late tomorrow... I hope.

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