18 October 2011

Day 290 (I Finally Made It To Indianapolis)

Yet another post that has gotten published past my deadline. As I mentioned yesterday, I loaded in Jonesboro, AR. I arrived at 1815 (or there abouts) for a 1900 appointment... I didn't leave until around 0030, which posed a problem with this Indianapolis drop: I won't be able to make my 1200 (ET) on time. Regardless of the fact that my delay was due to the shipper not having all the product in time for the appointment, which ate into my 14 hour clock. Therefore, I had to drive until 0550 this morning (when I had 15 minutes left to drive), THEN take a Federal required "10 hour break", which meant I could not begin the rest of this leg until 1550. So when I arrive at the customer's facility to deliver (and fortunately this did not happen), there is a chance they will be upset because their order is late - and who gets the blame... the driver. I drove as far as I could before I ran out of hours. I even notified my company of my E.T.A. well in advance. The point is: the delivery is late and now I have to wait to get "worked in" - which just may cause this very same problem at my final destination tomorrow - all because of the inefficient system of loading. Another fortunate thing: this is NOT a Tyson load.

Not to mention I'd rather be home AND I haven't had any coffee.

I'm sure it will not be a long wait here.

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