20 October 2011

Day 292 (What Is Up With BlogPress?!)

I apologize for this being posted so late, so here's the story:

Earlier today, as I was compiling the information for today's post, I was (as I have usually been doing) working through the BlogPress app. I had a fairly sizable piece - complete with links and such - AND it was only going to be posted 45 minutes past my deadline. I had just finished it after I had gotten a load of french fries put on in Philadelphia. Reviewed the content, double-checked to ensure nothing was left out, then hit "Publish".


Instead I get a "your connection appears to be off network" message... or something to that effect. Really? From a 3G area?! Then the app crashed.

I reopened it (and yes the post was saved), but there was no post. When I hit the "Manage" tab on the app, it crashes again.

I have always - and adamantly - tried to avoid "pre-writing" a post the day before, because I've always wanted them to be fresh. Now I guess I'll have to resort to doing just that... and this is not the first (in my opinion) really good post I've lost to an app malfunction. So if you will excuse me, I have to REALLY vent - in the comic strip custom:

I really can't @*%^$ believe this!! This $^@# piece of #~@@*%!!

- Another rant via BlogPress

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