03 October 2011

Day 275 (Getting My Re-Start In Idaho)

James and I are parked at the Flying J truck stop in Jerome, ID, just north of Twin Falls. Since we are getting a re-start on our logbooks - and have all day to wait - I figured I would take a walk into Twin Falls and head to Starbucks... which is where I am at as I post this. Needless to say, I will be sleeping well tonight. It's times like this I really wish I had a Specialized Camber Elite mountain bike (I may have to look into some possible sponsorship). I did however get some really good shots (from an iPhone... not quite as good as a Canon Rebel, but it'll work) of the Snake River as I crossed the bridge going into Twin Falls:

(Taken from the north side of Perrine Bridge, facing west)

(Taken from the north end of Perrine Bridge, facing east)

(Taken from the south side of Perrine Bridge - at the Buzz Langdon Visitor Center)

For those of you who may remember (as I do), the second photo is a view of the Snake River, facing east, which, just 2 miles from that spot, was where stuntman Evel Knievel made his famed - and failed - jump in 1974.

Fortunately the weather is rather mild, and a nice breeze blowing. It's only about 85°, but the headwind on the walk down here did make for more of a workout than just a casual stroll. By the time I get back to the truck, I will have walked just under 12 miles. It may be quite a stretch, but I look at as an experience, a stretch, of what I am capable of doing. As some of you already know, I'm not like most truck drivers because, a) I am a Starbucks aficionado, where most truck drivers are satisfied with the swill that is often trying to be passed off as "coffee", and, b) I'm willing to walk (though I'd rather cycle - hint, hint) several miles, not just for Starbucks, but to explore the areas I'm in, where most truck drivers consider it an inconvenience to walk all the way across the truck stop parking lot, because they couldn't find a parking spot closer (and they wonder why they can't lose weight).

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terrinakamura said...

Dang it, Doug! I hate that I tried to post a comment and it disappeared. Or did it?

Paraphrasing my earlier comment, these beautiful pictures make me want to see more of Idaho!

Wishing you safe travels and hoping our paths cross again.



Doug said...

Yes, Terri, your comment posted. I have the blog set up for all comments to be approved before being published. This way I can filter out the spam. I'm sure our paths will cross again (probably in another month or so). May you be blessed, and we'll have lunch (or dinner, as the case arises) soon.