02 January 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 2

Sitting here in Ft. Smith, AR and wishing I was still at home… isn’t that usually the case in most lines of work? Was able to get quite a bit accomplished over the weekend, but why bore you with details, as this new venture is fulfilling that very deed with no additional assistance needed.
A mild 27°, yet I’m disappointed because I would much rather it cooler in this time of year. Yet I’m sure people in, say, Bemidji, MN, would be more than happy to share the excess of cold weather they have. I’ve tried to talk my wife into moving up to Fargo, ND, but she still replies with, “you move up there, and I’ll visit you in the summers.” But one thing we do agree on, we would like to move to Phoenix… or southern California… or NYC (lack of the financial aspect is what keep us at our present locale, as is usually the case).
When In high school, many of us thought that knowing Pierre is the capital of South Dakota was a prime example of an “exercise in futility”, that we would never need such pieces of information within our adult lives. But since I’ve been a truck driver I would like to say, for the record, WE WERE RIGHT! But it is nice to know, mainly for the fact it helps to orient oneself in relation to what part of the state you are in, should you ever find yourself in Pierre, SD (which, by the way, is one of the few state capitals that does NOT have a major interstate highway passing through it… Jefferson City, MO is another). But I have learned more about American geography as a truck driver than I ever did in school… or it could be that I just didn’t pay attention – more likely, the latter.
That’s all for now – I’m off like a dirty shirt!

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