05 January 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 5

Another day is done, and earlier than usual, at that. Made it to Dawson, GA which is where I am still. No complaints, though, since I’m a little spent. It could be the weather, or the restlessness I’ve has the past few nights, or, simply, that I haven’t had any Starbucks (can you guess I kinda like them?).
Dawson, GA isn’t a bustling metropolis, nor is it a “one horse town” (I’ve seen AT LEAST 3 so far – horses, that is), rather somewhere in between. A modest country town, not to be confused as a “hick” town. When I lumbered through town earlier on the way to my destination, I was able to take in the sights of the town. Nothing spectacular, but it did bear a quaint resemblance to Sparta, MS (for those who may not recall – or for that matter, may not even know – Sparta was the fictitious town in which the tv show “In The Heat Of The Night” was set in); laid back without being too sleepy, yet active enough to show of a welcoming community.
As I sit here in the parking lot of the truck fuel stop, which has just turned off the lights and closed up shop for the day, there is a moderate fog that has crept in. The darkened lot allows for a better view of the surrounding area; the billboard lights glowing dimly through the fog, the mild traffic casually passing by. There is an industrial business to the, not very distant, east, somewhat hidden by a small grove of trees. The lights that illuminate the business offers a mystical glow that lends an eerie atmosphere to the grove, while revealing subtle details to the trees themselves. With a heavier fog, it would make for an ideal setting to a thriller novel, having just the right amount of macabre.

Photo taken in Wells, ME
12 Nov 2010

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