10 January 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 10

Another day comes to a close, and with less stress than yesterday – which actually ended at 0215 this morning (no thanks to the adverse road conditions, nor the road crews – or lack thereof). Tonight finds me in Southaven, MS, a town considered as a suburb of Memphis, TN, yet being located just across the state line (as if that tidbit really needed to be addressed). A mild 33° with a light fog lends a certain peaceful atmosphere to an area where, just 1 mile to the east, will be bustling with activity, or more precisely, traffic.
As I sit here, I stare out the window, gazing at the the thin layer of ice that has accumulated on the side mirrors. The just above freezing temperature allows for the ice to slowly melt in various spots of the mirror, each droplet falling away in its own independent rhythm… yet, collectively, they create a very syncopated pattern, almost as if they are composing their own music, yet to be heard amid even the most subtle noise. The recent snowfall is still evident upon the ground; calming, welcoming, even beckoning, any passerby to allow his, or her, inner child to “come out and play” (and who hasn’t felt that way… come on… admit it!).
Grocery trucks are entering and exiting the warehouse, just across the street, while the over-the-road carriers are parked just outside. Some sleeping, some watching t.v., some writing their blogs… ok, maybe I’m the only one doing that, but still, we are lying in wait until we make our respective deliveries in the morning. Inside, the grocery drivers are beginning their day – shuttling trailers around the lot, hooking up to loaded trailers and begin making the rounds to the grocery stores, where the product is unloaded and stocked upon the shelves, coolers, etc. before opening up for another day of business.
Nights like this do make me want to walk around, enjoy the solemnity, and even want to take a few photos to remember certain elements of these trips I take. Alas, my only camera consists of the various apps I’ve installed on my iPhone, neither of which are near adequate for nighttime shooting (but if anyone would be willing to donate a Canon Rebel DSLR camera, I would be MORE than happy to email you my home address).
The night continues to dwell deeper still while I become mesmerized by the ice, my attention drawn to it by its shimmer caused by the light from a nearby street lamp. The crisp night air feels soothing as it settles upon my skin and refreshing with my lung as I inhale deeply. The ground, not completely covered with snow, still rests peacefully, waiting… yearning. The snow is calling my name… beckoning me… I struggle with my inner child…
… I lost.

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