29 January 2014

Goodbye Facebook

I have debated doing away with my Facebook account for some time now, but after last night. I'm done with it! It has become a big waste of time for me... besides, I have far better things to do with my time.

Why after last night? Last night was the State Of The Union address, which I did not watch, because I was unable to (driving a truck does have quite a few disadvantages). The political barrage that I was inundated with during the post-SOTU just became the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back". I respect an opinion that one may have, I may even enter into a discussion on the matter, but to see some of the most venomous vitriol being spewed from BOTH sides of the political spectrum was all I can take. I have friends on Facebook, but, for the most part, the majority of people I have on my "friends" list are merely just acquaintances. The Liberal side applauded the SOTU and what the President had to say. But let's put some things in perspective...

*Many Liberals mention how there is so much hate toward Obama, yet anybody that says the slightest thing against him or his policies is labeled a "racist" - which, that label, in and of itself, is "hate". Remember, it was Hillary Clinton herself that said it was patriotic to disagree with the President (remember that, just before the campaigns leading to the '08 election?). Those same Liberals will say the the Republicans are "blocking progress". That's why there is a two-party system! Our Forefathers - if you recall - escaped from a one-party system... it was called a Monarchy.

* Many Conservatives have done more harm than good to this country, but when you step back in order to view a "bigger picture", you'll notice that there are few Democrats and Republicans that really ARE making a positive difference. For the majority of both parties have erased the dividing line between the two, where it's more and more difficult to tell the difference... this majority have morphed into one of the Socialist agenda. People like McCain, Hagel, and Boehner.

* In light of the previous two points, it is we, the people, that suffer the most, because we are the ones that have been played into this fake battle of left vs. right ideology. Those in power maintain the facade of said battle, and do NOT bring unity, but , division, among us.

Because I do not like Obama, I am labeled a "racist". I could care less about what his skin color is, it's his policies I am repulsed by. I was open-minded upon his election, I sincerely hoped he could do some good. He lost my respect when, in his first year, in the midst of economic turmoil, he felt it more important to speak to the IOC of his support for the Olympics to be held in Chicago.

Historically, we are repeating one of the darkest times in the world, right here in America.

I once posted that there were too many similarities between Obama and Hitler for it to be "coincidence". A "Facebooker" said that was an absurd notion, something like that would NEVER happen here. A little reminder: people of Germany said that same thing in 1938. Another thing, not only WILL it happen here, but it has already begun. Most of you are still so enamored in your unwavering support for Obama, you are too blind to see it... just like Hitler's staunch supporters.

Will it take a Reichstadt incident to wake you up, or will you then propose to canonize him as a saint?

There are so many Democrats that loathe the Tea Party, but you seem to forget, it's their forerunners (you know, the ones with the tea in Boston Harbor?) that led America to what it is now... or, more accurately, what it once was.

In relation to Facebook, I will leave it open for the next few days. If any of you wish to maintain contact, either send me a message or email, though I'm sure the majority of the comments I will get will be hate mail (ironic, since the "party of tolerance" seems to be the most hateful).

By the way, I am absolutely sure, if either McCain or Romney had been elected, we would still be in the same position we're in now.

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